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Here is how you can support the campaign against rape in Nigeria

Do the right thing. And do it the right way.

Sexual assault is illegal, unwanted or unwelcome form of sexual contact such as rape, touching or groping without consent.

Rape is particularly being spoken against, ever so loudly, at this point in time. Following recent reports of women being raped and murdered in Benin and Ibadan, and NUMEROUS heartbreaking stories being told on social media by victims, awareness is at an all time high, and people are indignantly pushing for change through many hashtags, including #WeAreTired.

It is not only important to be well-educated on the subject of consent and eradication of the rape culture in Nigeria, it is also pertinent to join forces with people educating and sensitizing the public, and those who are advocating for justice and real change through the force of Law.

Here is how to play your part:

1. Don't turn a blind-eye to rape and rapists

There are times to mind one's business, yeah. And there are times to not. NEVER turn a blind eye when you see sutff like the tweet below. Also, there's no such thing as bro code where rape and other forms of sexual assault is concerned.

2. Do not be a rape apologist either.

Don't ask people what they were wearing. Or where they were when they were sexually assualted or raped, or why they did not speak up early enough. Or any other thing that makes the victim feel guilty and ashamed. All that is for the rapist, not the victim.

3. Let's get justice for Uwa

Uwa was raped and murdered in Edo state. Nothing can be done to bring her back but a lot can be done to fight for justice on her behalf. Throw your weight behind this cause:

4. Donate

5. Put pressure on the government to do the right thing

Women from all walks of life have it diffiult with these rapists and abusers and sexual predators. Banks, in the tech space, in media, in the church, school... everywhere!

The least we can do is make life easier for our sisters and daughters and mothers. Let's start by asking the Nigerian senate to do something about the #SexForMarksBill.

6. Report to the police - OR NOT

The police says people can report to them, but not many people trust their officers especially when they do stuff like what this woman here alleges.

If you don't feel like reporting to the police [directly], contact these guys here. They'll take it up from there.

7. Do not rape anyone

Or try to finger them, or grope them, or try to kiss them, or put date drugs in their drinks, or send them unsolicited pictures of your genitals, or make lewd and uncomfortable remarks or signs to them; or make fake rape reports. DO NOT DO ANY OF THESE THINGS! IT FURTHERS THE RAPE CULTURE WE ARE TRYING TO STAMP OUT.

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