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Man Caught Forcefully Trying To Sleep With A Sick Man In Edo State (Video)

A man suspected to be gay has been caught red handled while trying to forcefully have sex with a sick man at ikpoba hill in Benin City, Edo State.

The suspect identified as Alhaji wanted to sleep with the young sick man as part of a favour he owned him which was buying him a trailer.

According to the victim, he revealed that the said Alhaji promised to take him overseas and introduce him to a new business (Drugs Trafficking), which he agree to do.

He also revealed that Alhaji told him that the drugs were to be inserted into his anus. When the victim asked how possible it was, he then said he was going to teach him.

The victim felt ill during the week when the said Alhaji call him and told him he was coming to his house.

When he arrived, he told the victim that he wanted to teach him how he to hide the drugs in his anus. To his surprise, the said Alhaji started making advances towards him and later asked him to pull off his trouser.

The Alhaji then tried to insert his ‘Joystick’ into the man’s anus, but unfortunately he joystick refuse to get action.

Watch video below:

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