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Parents, Residents Panic As Five Kids Disappear In Lagos Community

Residents of Otto, Ebute-Metta area of Lagos State say children are falling prey to alleged abduction in the community with at least five kids already missing.

The children are identified as Dunmola Ogunjobi, four; Aisha Taiwo four; Daniel Samuel, three; Alimat Onikoyi, four and two-year-old Romanus.

The incident, which started June last year, has created panic among dwellers while parents of the victims languish in pain.

Recent among the cases was the sudden disappearance of Ogunjobi while she was playing with her friends last Tuesday in front of her parents’ residence on Akinlolu Street, Otto.

“Around 12pm that day (May 26, 2020), I was plating my mother’s hair outside while my daughter and her peers were also playing. I backed the playground but she called me regularly and I looked at her to confirm she was fine,” Ogunjobi’s mother, Aminat, recalled.

All was well until some minutes afterwards when she noticed her daughter’s voice was no longer audible.

A search was conducted with the hope that the little girl was somewhere within the vicinity. As the day wore on without any clue on her whereabouts, the neighbourhood was thrown into anxiety.

“After we looked around and couldn’t find her, we went to Iponri, Denton, Ijora and Alakara police stations to report,” Aminat stated grimly, adding that she had yet to get any information about her kid.

About six weeks earlier, four-year-old Taiwo of Otto Bridge Road – about 500 metres from Akinlolu Street – had also gone missing while playing around with her friends.

Her mother, Zainab Ademola, had visited a nearby Automated Teller Machine gallery to withdraw money, leaving her with her playmates.

Ademola explained, “The incident occurred on February 16. I went out to withdraw money that day. My daughter and her friend, Success, were with my grandma outside. I was at the ATM point when I got a call that Aisha (Taiwo) was missing. I learnt she, Success and one other child were playing around the vicinity but she did not return home.

“We asked her friends what happened but they could not say anything. It was later in the day that Success said a woman went away with Aisha. We went to Iponri and Denton police stations to report the case.”

Since then, life has not remained the same for Ademola and her husband, Yusuf Taiwo, as the thought over their only child’s whereabouts weakens their minds daily.

“I find it hard to cope without my child. I pray every day that God should reunite her with us,” the distressed mother said amid grim looks.

“She was playing outside when she was abducted. We searched everywhere and reported to the police at Iponri and Alakara divisions,” Yusuf told our correspondent.

“There was a day a woman was arrested for attempting to abduct a child in the community. She was beaten up and taken to Denton Police Station. My wife went there to ask the woman if she knew about our daughter’s whereabouts. Police accused her that she mobilised a mob to attack the woman. They detained her from 1pm till 11pm and collected N25,000 before she was released,” he said.

On Friday, January 24, the household of a vulcaniser operator, Oriyomi Onikoyi of Jones Street in Otto Ilogbo Extension, was alive and bubbling.

Earlier that day, the 43-year-old man had heartily welcomed a grandchild from her first daughter. But by evening, the joy faded into thin air as his last child, Alimat, suddenly disappeared.

He said, “She was abducted in front of our compound. I came back from work around 8pm that day and I gave her the snack I bought for her. We were all rejoicing because my first daughter just gave birth that day.

“While Alimat was with her friends playing outside, there was power outage. I came outside about two minutes after but did not see her. I reported at different police stations, including Ikeja division.

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