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Dubai Police Arrests 47 Online Scammers, Fake Job Recruiters

Just after the extradition of Hushpuppi to the United States, Dubai Police has arrested 47 online scammers who carried out a host of cybercrimes, including posing as fake job recruiters to extort money from victims.

According to Dubai Police, the 47 were members of 20 gangs operating in Dubai and another emirate. They were charged with fraud, blackmail, extortion and robbery.

Police said the cyber fraudsters also set up fake dating profiles and had used fake IDs to rent apartments that they used as their office.

The fraudsters were arrested in a major police operation called Shadow. The suspects—37 men and 10 women—are from Africa.

“They were arrested for committing blackmail, cyber extortion and other fraudulent activities against social media users,” said Major General Khalil Al Mansouri, assistant commander-in-chief of criminal investigations for Dubai Police.

As reported last week, jobseekers have complained of being duped by fake recruiters who promised them bogus interviews for a fee of Dh300.

The job scams have become prevalent amid rising unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic. Police have repeatedly warned the public against giving money to dubious individuals.

Meanwhile, police said the group that was arrested on Wednesday included scammers who created fake dating profiles of women to lure male victims into an indecent meeting.

“When victims arrive to a shared location, they would be forced to pose indecently then have their pictures taken before they were robbed of their money, credit cards and other valuables they have on them,” Al Mansouri said.

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