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Nigerian Woman Sues 19 Of Her Husband's Relatives For Calling her A Prostitude

An aggrieved lady has reportedly dragged 19 of her husband's relatives to court for libel and defamation of character. 

Twitter user @tillytate20, said the lawsuit centered on voice recording and videos of them calling her slut/whore/ashawo/akwuna-kwuna. The lady is also demanding an apology and N5m from each of them.

Though her lawyer reportedly told her she might lose the case, the lady however insisted on keeping her husband's relatives busy for at least 3 years.

The tweet read;

"This woman is suing 19 of her husband's relatives for libel & defamation of character and she has voice recording & videos of them calling her slut/whore/ashawo/akwuna-kwuna, some in private, some in public & she's demanding an apology and 5m naira from each of them. Loveeet.

Her lawyers saying she might lose them but she said she wants to keep them busy for 3yrs so they can finally learn how to see mind their business".

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