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Device to detect Covid-19 now available in Kenya

A bio-monitoring device used to detect coronavirus and other microbial threats in air and surfaces, is now available in Kenya after a medical equipment company secured its distributorship deal.

Lynge Holdings Ltd, distributors of biomedical, analytical, and industrial equipment, has begun selling the ADC-200 Bobcat, a small and portable dry filter air sampler that collects viruses, fungi and bacteria.

The ADC-200 Bobcat, which runs on battery power or wall power, aptly samples outdoor or indoor environments in relatively quiet operation.

Lynge Holdings Ltd sales and marketing director Janet Sigey said the light-weight, portable, dry filter air sampler can be used to monitor airborne bacteria, and viruses, including Coronavirus.

“ADC-200 Bobcat provides simple and straightforward methods for collection and detection of SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens present in an environment,” she said.

She adds that introduction of Bobcat Air sampler will enable hospitals and other close quarter living areas such as prisons, schools, police stations and military camps detect presence of viruses in the air or surfaces, offering a master detection toll that eliminates guesswork diagnosis.

“There is no better time to purchase this device. There is evidence Covid-19 has potential to spread through aerosols – particles that hover in the air after a person has left,” she said.

With the existing methods for Coronavirus testing and detection being negatively affected by limited collection volumes, poor sample recovery, and complex and difficult to perform recovery processes, the ADC200 Bobcat Air Sampler will provide simple and straightforward methods for collection and detection of Coronavirus contamination and other pathogens at previously undetectable levels.

The air monitoring and testing gadget will not only help in surface, fomite, and aerosol contamination measurements but is also expected to provide environmental parameter implications that can be effectively utilized to stem the pandemic.

And with Kenya moving towards phased reopening of the economy including easing travel restrictions enforced to curb the spread of Covid-19, the Bobcat Air Sampler will help address gaps in environmental controls and provide proactive air contamination monitoring tool.

The Bobcat uses sterile 52 mm electric filter units provided to collect virus, bacteria and fungi.

According to peer reviewed publication ‘Virus Collection Efficiency of the ADC-200 Bobcat testing’ data by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health for both the collection of live virus titers as well as sampled virus quantitation by PCR compares well to common wet reference samplers.

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