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How to prepare delicious pancakes using Semovita

Many people don't know this but Semovita can be used as a quick substitute for any type of flour. Heres how to prepare

Pancakes are sweet pastries usually served as breakfast foods or desserts all over the world. They are fluffy, pan-sized cakes gotten from frying. They are usually made using flour, but when you run out of flour, a quick hack to making it is using Semovita.

Cooking time: 7 minutes

Nutritional value: High in carbohydrate and fat. 100g of regular pancakes contains about 227 calories while a cup of Semovita contains about 600 calories. So this meal has a very high caloric content.

Recipe Yield: Serves about 6 pancakes.


One cup of Semovita

One and a half cups of milk

1 egg

Half spoon of baking powder

Quarter cup of melted butter/oil

Quarter cup of honey or sugar

A pinch of cinnamon


1. Pour the Semovita into a clean bowl and add dry ingredients in it — baking powder, sugar, cinnamon.

2. In another bowl, mix the wet ingredients which include the milk, egg, melted butter (optional) and honey (if using that). Mix thoroughly.

3. Pour wet ingredients in dry ingredients and mix until the Semovita dissolves and a smooth consistency is achieved.

4. Put a bit of butter or oil in a pan to grease it. Place pan on medium heat.

5. Pour pancake batter in oil in batches. Fry till brown on both sides.

Your pancake is ready! It can be served as breakfast or dessert, along with syrup, ice cream or chicken.

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