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Russian’s coronavirus vaccine dangerous – Iran

Hours after Russia condemned criticisms over its coronavirus vaccine, Iran has declared that the vaccine was dangerous.

The Health Ministry, on Wednesday, called for caution over the ‘Sputnik-V’.

“Before all clinical trials are completed, the use of vaccines is like a Pandora’s Box and, therefore, potentially dangerous,’’ spokesperson, Kianush Jahanpur, tweeted.

The official told countries to remember that the goal of a vaccine must be the safety and health of the population.

Tehran has announced it is also working on a vaccine, like many counties across the globe.

Despite the pending phase 3 trial, Russia on Tuesday announced that it had achieved a breakthrough.

In his reaction, President Vladimir Putin stressed that Sputnik-V was safe and effective.

Putin disclosed that one of his daughters already received it.

Kirill Dmitriev, Head of Russia’s sovereign wealth fund RDIF, has advised critics to come up with their own cure.

“Our point to the world is that we have this technology, it can be available in your country in November/December if that works with your regulator… We wish them good luck in developing theirs”, he told CNBC.

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